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 Post subject: Re: Formulas
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:08 pm 
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That plan seems to work for you though. You're doing well in this one. ;)

 Post subject: Re: Formulas
PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 1:10 pm 
AA Warrior
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InstinctSage wrote:
I thought I'd just up and start a new topic specifically dealing with questions on formulas running the game, since I have a lot and I'm spamming up newbies with stuff I'm not sure actual newbies would want to know right off the bat.

I'm looking for the following formulas:

Max Credits Stored on planet: I know the multiplier is adjustable by the server (Default 140) but I don't know what it's based off. Closest approximation I've found is cost of upgrade, but by tech level 200 that's off by a good 20 billion. =/

Capacity calculations for SD Fighters.
Capacity calculations for Beams, Shields and Armor for planets.

Colonist organics eating formula. I can't work this one out. I know around 15% organics production tends to prevent starvation whilst minimising a build up, but it'd be nice to know exactly how the eating is worked out. I can't make head or tails of it.

This post is just to answer these questions, which it doesn't seem was quite answered before.

The colonist eating formula I think is in the game settings, but I can tell you that 13% is what I use for planets with normal organics production, and the colonists never starve like that. I think 12% would make them starve very very slowly over a long period of time. 12.5% is optimal, I believe (if I remember right), but that's impossible. So 13% is your best bet.

Basically, it just comes down to you need this many organics per colonist per tick. That's going to be a very small fraction. Something more usable would be like this many organics per million colonists per tick, since each one eats only a small fraction of an organic a tick.

Max credits: I've no idea, but it grows very very quickly, so it's something exponential or maybe even double exponential ie: 5^(5^x). I do think that that is determined by total cost of the upgrades, because it does not seem to use average tech as input. If I upgrade just one tech to something really high and keep the others at 0 so that the average tech stays low, it's a lot more than if I upgrade all the techs together to that same average tech (yes I've experimented with this). That's a little wordy, so if you need clarification, just ask, and I'll try to explain it better.

Capacity for SD fighters is the normal capacity formula for all ship techs (I believe I posted it in the wiki before vacation) times 10... or was it 5? Well, just look at your fighters and you'll be able to tell. I'm certain it's proportional. I think it's 10. Note that SD techs did cost the same as ship techs, but now they're like half the price or something.

Beams shields and armor for planets is the same as ship techs, but plus (20-x/600) tech levels, where x is the tech level. That's confusing...

If you have tech 0 on a based planet, you have the same shields as level 20 ship shields. If you have a level 300 planet, you have the same shields as a level 300 + (20 - 300/600)= 300 + 20 - 10 = 310.

That should help. It's the same for beams and armor, expect armor goes by average tech level, and to get armor, as you probably know, you need goods and ore.

By the way, until recently, I thought the planet thing was just ship level plus 20 techs, but PJ and Tarnus say it's staggered, and actually goes by the formula I posted above. This definitely does NOT show up on scans, but they say that's what it is, and they have the code and I don't, so whatever.

 Post subject: Re: Formulas
PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:52 pm 
Forum Roamer
Forum Roamer

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Thanks for the input Val,

The colonist eating formula is in the game settings as:

organics_consumption: 0.05 - Percentage of organics each colonist will consume per tick

But I can't figure out how that works. Knowing 13-14% is safe and optimum for most planets (it changes depending on planet type, naturally) is fine for general play, but with the full working formula I could go a long way to interrogating various aspects of building.
What I don't get about it is how you can calculate organics consumption based on each colonist eating a certain percentage of organics. The wording is strange. Imagine if each colonist was actually eating .05% of your organics. Then the more organics you had, the more would be eaten, and there wouldn't be any starvation unless the figure was rounded down, which would result in a 1-1 ratio either way. Totally wrong.
If we take it as meaning 20 colonists will eat 1 organic (.05 * 20 = 1), then at 14% organics production, 250,000,000 colonists working on 14% organics (assuming the planetary production modifier is 100%) will produce 70,000 organics per tick, but be eating 125,000. Not right either.
It's not imperative to know, so I guess that's why most people don't actually know the formula, but I hate not knowing. :P

Max Credits:

planet_credit_multi 140 Multiplier for tech level cost to determine how many credits a planet can store.

Flat out multiplying the cost of a tech level by 140 comes close, but overshoots the mark by a fair margin. It grows exponentially because it's based off the cost of upgrading a tech, which grows exponentially. Also, you're right, it's based of individual techs and not average tech.

Thanks for the rest of them. I remember reading PJ and Tarnus discussing the 20 level planetary bonus degrading, since it became unfair on attackers as tech levels became higher (The difference between level 130 and 150 is a LOT smaller than 330 and 350).

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