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 Post subject: If Chess Was Like AAT...
PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:05 pm 

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If chess was like AAT...

There'd be 100 players, starting with only a queen. You'd trade turns for other pieces.

You could take as many turns as you wanted and play whether the other guys were present or not.

The chessboard would have 256,000 squares to start with and each player could add more if he wanted with additional boards.

No player could attack another player with less pieces than himself, except by sacrificing 1/3 of them afterwards.

All players could have as many Kings as they wanted and they'd never actually lose until all players agreed the game was over and tallied up their pieces, or the admin up-ended the board and sent everyone home.

Kings would be invisible to all except the owner until an enemy moved into the same square, at which time he would become visible to absolutely everyone.

Pawns could move any way the queen could and flip a coin to determine whether they triumphed or perished (nova bomb).

Knights movement would be determined by a dice role and they could share a space with anyone but could attack no one and would be subject to attack (like probes).

The bishops and rooks could backdoor into the rear to kill a king, nevermind what's between them, so long as he's on a straight line to the king.

The queen would remain basically unchanged, always winning any attack but never successfully defending (ship combat, SM attack followed by knife-fight). She would however, have a dice roll to evade the attack, based on the number of pieces owned by the player. If the queen was killed you'd be given another one so long as you had previously declared that the last one was equipped with an escape pod. If you were so stupid that you neglected to point that out in advance, you have to start over.

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