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 Post subject: Fed Info Port New User Tips
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:31 pm 
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Well since some players are thinking there isnt enough info for new players, maybe you can help us write a down and dirty what a new user needs to know guide that we can populate the fed info port with. Note: We are programmers so alot of times documentation takes a second seat to the game fixes and changes. Ive been trying to get PJ to use a CVS for years but seems like pulling teeth to get him to do it. Below is a quick list, would like to see some other contributors. Note: We want it short and sweet and basic so we will probably have more than 1. Also might be good as a rule set.

1 - Active play is recommended. Any players not participating for over two weeks are purged from the game.

2 - No Multi-Accounts. Should you have a family member playing the game, send a message to the admin so they know your not trying to cheat.

3 - New ships come empty. Which means always buy an escape pod or you may find your self waiting 3 days till you can play again.

4 - If you do die. We prefer you to wait till the dead player account is purged, which takes approximately 3 days. Then your more than welcome to start over again.

5 - Remember the game has a wide age range of players. Try to use appropriate language. If you cant say it in front of Mom or Grandma, its more than likely in appropriate.

6 - Players with Guide at the end of their name are there to help you. Feel free to ask them any questions. Should you want to become a guide you will need to have your profile linked in as a player and message Panama Jack or Tarnus of your interest.

7 - Sector Missiles can kill you. If you carry too much energy on your ship, someone fireing a sector missile can cause your ship to explode. Also if your shooting someone with a sector missle, if thier sensors are high enough they can detect your location, so make sure where you fire from isn't your home.

8 - Home Sectors If you set a home sector, and your killed, you will show up in the same sector. Now the problem with that is if they killed you in your home sector to begin with, you come back to the planet where they attacked you without an escape pod. Setting a Home sector is nice when your online, I prefer to set mine to a sector I am not sleeping in when I am off line.

This is a start. Lend a hand and we can get a good set of info so all players will have a better idea of what can happen in the game.

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