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 Post subject: Alien Assault Traders v0.11 Release
PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2003 12:43 am 
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Alien Assault Traders v0.11

This release has many new features and alot of bug fixes.

If you have an existing game then you should read the "UPDATE_INSTRUCTIONS_README.txt" text file to see how to update your existing game to this new release without losing any players or data.

Be sure to DELETE the file called "UPDATE_then_delete.php" after updating or after installing this release for a new game. It will only update the game if it needs it but it is best to be safe.


AATRade Release Features August 19, 2003


1. Destroy Planet now reports if the player is missing a Genesis Device or out of turns.

2. Dignitaries placed on a non-based planet now show in the Dignitary Menu.

3. When Create Universe is executed an entry is made into the Shoutbox database to prevent java errors on the main display.

4. Fixing some minor templating bugs in various displays.

5. Shoutbox and News window link needed / between path and filename.

6. Fixed send message and scan ship links in ship.tpl template.

7. Have to rewrite a number of files to change the universe from starting at sector 0 to sector 1. The reason for this change is newer versions of MySql have problems with a 0 entry for an auto increment field. It has a hard time importing datafrom backups and usually errors out. Also, MySql will tend
to MOVE the 0 entry to the last auto increment value.

8. added @ error supressor to the serverlist fopen, fclose and eof in the index.php to prevent errors from appearing if the server list server is down.

9. Changed how team-forums display messages so more than one space in a row and tabs can be used in messages.

10. Fixed a bug where anyone on a team could edit messages posted by the Co-ordinator in the team forums.

11. Moved the admin news from the footer.php and footer.tpl to the index.php and index.tpl.

12. Fixed bug that would not remove picked avatar from avatar list.

13. Fixed bug that would not remove picked team icon from team icon list.

14. Fixed bounty bug where players could collect federation only bounties.

15. Consolodated some language includes into global_funcs.php and removed many duplicates from the other program files. This should cut down on disk access and cache usage.

16. Fixed blank new message alert on any page other than main.

17. Changed Federation, Kabal and War Zones to disallow beacons.

18. Changed planet.php to planet_unowned.php when defeating a planet and asking if player would like to capture it.

19. Added ship shields in ship destroyed check when attacking a planet. Still not happy with the combat routines and expect to do a complete rewrite of them in the future.

20. Change the planet result display after a combat to show what your sensors are able to read instead of the accurate reading. This is to prevent the exploit of throwing a cheap pioneer into a planet to find out what defense levels it has.

21. Changed bounty calculation to calculate bounty check before ship to ship combat when attacking a planet.

22. Fixed template in scan.php so the Send Message command will send a message to the scanned ship.

23. Planet scan was showing cloak value for shields.

24. Spies on an enemy planet reporting total torps for the planet torp level


1. Added special Tournament Mode that will allow new players to sign-up and existing players to log in. Tourney mode will display a small menu that will allow the players to send messages, create teams, select avatars/icons and discuss things in the team forums.

2. Added the ability to have a percentage of the commodities ports have fixed, random maximum prices. The fixed prices are different for each port that has fixed prices enabled. The prices will never go above their set limit but they can go way below if heavily traded. They regenerate prices the exact same way the non-fixed ports regenerate.

3. Add a Local Galactic Map. This map will show the sectors you can move to with a certain number of turns. If you want to know how many sectors you can realspace to with only 5 turns select 5 turns and the map will display all of the sectors you can reach with 5 turns or less.

4. Added warning in shipyard about how the Pioneer cannot be stored.

5. Added automatic database backup of all tables to the scheduler. Option can be disabled.

6. When a players ship is destroyed it automatically creates a debris package. There is a 50% chance that credits from the player will be removed from the players destroyed ship and put into the debris package.

7. Trade port prices increase at a random rate now. The increase per tick is based on a random value between 0 and the commodities increase rate. This gives a more variable port price range from port to port.

8. Added sector defenses to independant planet sectors in universe creation.

9. Added Full Backup and Selective backup options to admin.php. Selective backup can backup one table at a time from a dropdown menu.

10. Changed login screen to use a cycling Admin News display similar to the Shoutbox and ingame News. Admin News can contain HTML codes.

11. Updated the admin.php Admin News area to display all Admin News Items and allow editing and deleting of individual items.

12. Added player and coordinator log entry telling players when someone on their team takes or leaves credits on a teamed planet.

13. Added Update program to allow admins to install the new release and update their existing game to use the new code.

Alien Assault Traders v0.11

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