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 Post subject: Recommended Upgrade Release v0.12
PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 9:38 pm 
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Alien Assault Traders v0.12

This is a HIGHLY recommended update for anyone running version 0.10 and version 0.11 of Alien Assault Traders.

This release fixes many serious bugs in the game.

There are two upgrade programs included with the release. If you want to keep an existing v0.10/0.11 game running without resetting it you should run the appropriate upgrade program after you have copied this release to your game.


AATRade Release Features September 8, 2003


1. Removed sector number display from invalid traderoute create to prevent create planet sector find cheat.

2. In planet_transfer.php reverse direction notification for team planet money transfers.

3. Added update to player last_team and left_team_time fields when a player was ejected from a team by the team coordinator.

4. Fixed trade route bug where a player could get more colonists on their ship than the hull allowed.

5. Fixed traderoute bug that prevented trading between a port and planet in the same SG sector.

6. Fixed multiple SG sector bug so more than one SG sector can be created in an SG sector.

7. Changed Federation homeworld sector ID from 0 to 1.

8. Added missing ' in Create Universe when it is inserting the backup schedule.

9. Fixed problem with Avatar and Team Icon programs displaying linked, multiple directories and non-image files as valid selections.

10. Added check so ship cannot use Nova Bomb Device if their ship class is below the level allowed to use the device. This is to prevent smaller ships that pickup the device in debris from using it.

11. Fixed device and upgrade total placing commas in total amount when the amount read "Not enough credits".

12. Fixed problem with dignitaries on your ship just going away when you buy a new ship and don't store the old one.

13. When your ship is destroyed your dignitaries are now killed just like spies.

14. Long Range and Sector scan will nolonger show last ship seen data for sector 1.


1. Changed some of the order in the create_universe.php to make it more friendly.

2. Upgraded ADODB from v3.40 to v3.72

3. Ships with a lower class than the Nova Bomb supports can nolonger fire the nova bomb if one is found with debris.

4. Disabled the ability to use the player based schedule updating. Sorry folks this is going to be cron based only until we can find a better way to do a non cron based schedule updated. The current method is very, very bad and I don't see why anyone would have put it in the game in the first place.

5. Seperated Kabal and Tow schedule value. Removed the $sched_turns variable and replaced it with $turn_rate. The turn rate is how many turns that should be multiplied with the $sched_ticks. If $sched_ticks was set to 5 then 5 turns every 5 minutes would be created if the $turn_rate was 1. If it was .5 then 3 turns every 5 minutes. If it was 2 then 10 turns every 5 minutes.

6. Updated aatrade_ls_client.php to support the new turn rate and updated the web site to use the new turn rate. Pre 0.12 servers may show improper turns per minute until they are updated.


1. Added lag cheat fix for a number of programs. The cheat fix requires a page to fully display before a player can use the refresh key/button again or press a submit button or link more than once.

2. Added game title to index/login page.

3. Create universe now adds a single birthrate increaser dignatary to all independant planets.

4. Added Heavy Munitions ship to shipyard.

5. Added 50% reduction in ship engine tech level when landed on a planet and attacked.

6. Added Spiral Galaxy code option so the game can create a true spiral galaxy with admin selectable total for the number of spiral arms in the galaxy. The admin can select between Spiral or Spherical galaxy generation in the Create Universe. Updated universe database to include the number of the spiral arm the sector resides in.

7. Added a cool thing just for programmers/people who want to add new things to the game. People can create new Admin programs, player commands and schedule programs. The game will automatically find these new files. Just add them to the main or admin directory and that's it. There is configuration information contained in each file. For the schedule programs this information is placed in the scheduler database. Nothing else is needed for the admin to do.

8. Added Federation Ship and Kabal Ship entry and graphics.

9. Added support for top and bottom banner ads. This has been tested using AdCycle code and works perfectly.

10. Added word censor that will filter out bad words used in any input by the players. This feature can be disabled and new words can be added to the badword list.

11. Added Repair and Optimize table schedule for MySql ISAM tables. If there are many changes to myisam tables under mysql (updates and deletes) problems can occur with corrupted tables. Myisam tables should be optimized on a periodic basis. There is an auto repait feature as well that will automatically repair a corrupted myisam table when an error occures.

12. Added auto banning of IP and Email addresses from an email and ip ban list when create_universe.php is executed.

13. Added the ability to add IP and Email addresses to the ban list from within the admin.php for email and ip address for people who are not currently in the game.

14. Added a Shoutbox editor in the admin area for editing/deleteing public shouts.

15. Added Selective and Full database backup restore selections to the admin area.

Alien Assault Traders v0.12

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2003 1:28 pm 
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Soulburner wrote:
After installing aatraders 0.12 i have following affter login attempt:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/sb/public_html/aatrade/login2.php on line 70

What this can be ?

Please post these questions to the release help, will help us track the problems easier. Are you installing a completely fresh copy or installing over an old version?

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2003 1:23 am 
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That is because you have an older version of PHP. The way the log command is used for the spiral galaxy code need PHP 4.3.0 or higher installed. We will be doing a check for that in the next release.

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