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 Post subject: AATraders Release v0.13
PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2003 3:34 am 
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Download Alien Assault Traders v0.13

AATRade Release Features September 20, 2003


1. Fixed problem where a player edited by the admin with the admin user editor would lose their avatar.

2. Fixed fed sector ownership so it can never change.

3. Closed many open database holes where the database wasn't closed after a program finished running. This could cause too many connection errors to occur on servers with more than one game running.

4. Changed how the header.php is called to allow the header to be different depending upon the template chosen by the player.

5. Sort selection on ranking page is now trasfered from page to page.

6. Planets were not collecting salvage from ships that were destroyed attacking them. This is now fixed.

7. Fixed problem where dignitaries were not transfering when buying a new ship.

8. Independence schedule now recalculates sector ownerships when a planet goes indy.

9. When the team coordinator is killed without an escape pod the coordinator position is not moved to the next player on the team. This prevent the team from changing anything for that team. When the coordinator is destroyed the next person on the team list is made the coordinator.

10. When team coordinator left a team and transfered team ownership to another player the forums were not transfered. This has been fixed.

11. Rewrote the newbie nice login so it works as it is supposed to plus added a quantifier. If the player has used all of the initial turns they were given and die they will not be cloaned. The default value is 4000 turns. If they die without an escape pod before they use 4000 turns they will be cloaned into a
new ship. Otherwise they will have to create another account after the 3 day waiting period if auto pruning is enabled.

12. Expanding universe had a bug that could create a runaway process requiring a server reset. This has been fixed.

13. Fixed a huge exploit that would allow free sector genesis.


1. When a player is killed without an escape pod any planets they own become independent planets instead of unowned.

2. Reordered the config.ini into different catagory sections.

3. Sector defense relies totally on the highest sensor of any planets in the sector. Otherwise they have a sensor of 0. It was just silly that the sensor ability of the sector defenses would possibly change when the player changed ships or died.


1. Added a min based tech level value for creating independent planets in create_universe.php

2. Added encryption to backup files to prevent people from downloading the database files and viewing them when the backup option is enabled.

3. Added a top and bottom banner editor to the admin controls.

4. Added Independent Planet AI. Independent planets will use credits on their planets to base themselves and upgrade tech levels. They will even place sector defenses in the sector they own.

5. Added scan error to mines and fighters for long range scans of sectors. There is a check ship sensorts verses the highest planet cloak to even see fighters or mines. Then there is a check for ship sensors verses highest planet jammer to give possibly false numbers for the amount of sector fighters and mines.

6. Added version of the game when sending update to the server list.

7. When create universe creates independent planets it will calculate zone ownership to see if the independent player owns the zone.

8. Independent owned zones will not allow other players to place sector defenses in the zone.

9. Added the ability to run the Scheduler from within the Admin Area.

10. Added ability to disabled the cron scheduler using a config variable $enable_scheduler

11. Added the ability to turn on and off the different debris types.

12. Added an alternate debris amount calculation based upon ship levels for armor, energy, torps and fighters.

13. Added a max amount setting for turns, credits, energy, torps and fighters. This max amount is ignored if the alternate calculation is used.

14. Added ability for players to set their own galaxy map and local map width in their player options.

Download Alien Assault Traders v0.13

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