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 Post subject: AATraders v0.14 w/Profiles Released
PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2003 1:27 am 
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AATRade Release Features October 16, 2003


1. Fix a problem when a team creator leaves the team player planets are not reassigned to the new coordinator team id.

2. Fixed problem in bounty.php that prevented players from placing a bounty on other players.

3. Moved all player deaths and kills to a global function because player kill and death counters were not being updated for all instances of kills and deaths.

4. Fixed problem where players with multiple ships were getting kicked out of sector 1 if their ship was destroyed while offline.

5. Downloading config_local.php now works on ALL browsers if the installer cannot write it to the config directory.

6. Closed alot of exploits in planet-report-ce.php, planet_upgrade.php and planet_transfer.php.

7. Closed an unlimited fighter/mine deploy exploit.

8. Fixed a problem where the tow schedule would tow ships that were stored.

9. Fixed an error that caused the sort by owner selection for spies and dignitary displays to fail.

10. When sofa attackting a planet the planets torps, fighters and energy will nolonger go below 0.


1. Moved the anti-lag cheat code out of the individual programs into the header.php so it protects every program.

2. Stripped out the really, really useless DHTML code in the logs. It was too slow and annoyed everyone.

3. Changing scheduler variables in the Config Editor will now change settings in the scheduler database table.

4. Spies will nolonger use the cloak of the ship a player is currently using when they are on enemy planets or ships to hide themselves. When a spy is placed on a friendly planet the spy will adopt the cloak setting of that planet. When the planet is taken by an enemy the spies on that planet will use the cloak setting of that planet before it was taken. When a ship is trying to place a spy on an enemy planet the spy will adopt that ships cloak setting when it arrives on the planet. The cloak setting will not change for that spy even if the player who placed it there changes ships, dies or upgrades his ships cloak.

5. Changed planet display to show what the Credit Production Percentage is automatically set to instead of hoping the player can figure it out themselves. ;)

6. Changes all lexx variables to nova (about damned time too).

7. When a planet is nova bombed and the bomb destroys the planet any ships on the planet do a cheak against EWD and Engines to see if they get away without being destroyed.

8. Changed the default federation only countdown from 17 days per bount to 3.5 days per bounty.

9. Consolodated MANY queries and eliminated many while loops by creating a single query to dow everything in the various sched_ programs to increase the speed of the scheduler.

10. Rewrote planet-report-ce.php to make the production change more efficient. It was using 13-15 queries per planet when updating. If you had 100 planets this would be 1,300 to 1,500 queries when the player updated their planet percentages. It now uses only ONE query per planet.

11. Eliminted expliots in planet-report-ce.php, planet_upgrade.php and planet_transfer.php.

12. Moved all of the log array variables into the files. I haven't a clue why they were spread all over the place.

13. When a ship is damaged by a nova bomb the ships armor_pts, fighters and torpedos are damaged as well.


1. Added encryption options for the backup functions. Admin can select between no encryption, php based encryption and mCrypt encryption.

2. Added a use_subdirectories configuration variable so the admin can set Smarty to disbale subdirectory usage.

3. Added a Help System so player can click on a help link on any page to cause a popup to appear with information about the page they are on.

4. Added support for InnoDB databases with MySql. This is slightly slower than using MyIsam but tendsto have far fewer table problems when you have databases that are highly active. Plus InnoDB uses row locks for table accesses. No need to use table locking.

5. Added support for Player Profiles running off out Master Profile Server. Players can have any game they are playing on reporting their in game status to the profile server when they log out and on game reset. Admins have the option of disabling this feature.

6. Federation Only Bounty COundown config variable added (fed_bounty_delay) so the duration can now be adjusted.

7. Added limit to how many spies and digs a player can carry on their ship.

8. Added credit limit for how many credits a planet can carry. This is based on the cost of all the planets tech levels multiplied by 100. The multiplier can be changed by the admin to adjust the amount of money a planet can store.

AATraders v0.14 Release

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