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 Post subject: Planet Display and Percentage change
PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 3:39 pm 
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In another thread we mentioned how some players were building and destroying planets over and over again in an effort to try and get the best percentage producer possible. This is one of those things that starts to edge into the area of an exploit and definately a balance issue. The players with a lot of money can afford to do this and it really skews things in favor of the wealthy player. They can spend more money to get a super producer that the new player can't.

Not that well balanced.

So we have come up with a change that should smooth this out some without ticking those build/destroyers off too much. :cool:

First off the planet graphics will be changing.

There will be 4 basic planet types that all 10 planet levels will come from for a total of 40 different planet graphics instead of the current 10.

    High Ore and High Organics
    High Ore and Low Organics
    Low Ore and High Organics
    Low Ore and Low Organics

Those are the four basic planet types. Energy and Goods production are not factored into the planet graphics at this time. We may add separate graphics for energy in the future.

When a planet is created using the genesis device you will not know the exact production percentages it is capable of producing. You will have an idea from the planet graphic but nothing specific.

Once you Base your planet your colonists will start surveying your planet and over time they will determine how well the planet can produce different things and the percentages will appear on the planet display. So you just have to wait for your colonists to explore the planet enough to know exactly what the planet it capable of producing.

If you attack and capture a planet that was previously based you will not know what the production percentages are immediately. When you captured the planet and destroyed the base you destroyed all records pertaining to the production percentages. You will have to rebuild the base and your colonists will automatically survey the percentages again.

BTW, the amount of time it takes for the colonists to determine the planets production percentages is not set and is different for each planet.

This is a little more true to life. From orbit you can kind of get an idea what a planet can do just by looking at it but you aren't going to know for certain until you spend time surveying the planet.

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