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 Post subject: Debris Changed
PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:37 pm 
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We have decided to change how Debris works.

The old Debris code had maximum limits on the number of fighters, armor, torps and etc that could be found. These limits were static and in a game that was just starting players could find massive amounts of those items in debris. You could see some players really jump in score when they found a fighter debris with a few hundred thousand fighters in it.

We have change the debris where the auto generated items will be based upon the maximum ship tech level on a ship not owned by an NPC like the Federation. If the largest ship armor tech level in the game is 200 then an armor debris can be generated between 50 and the max a level 200 armor tech can hold. If the max armor tech in the game is only 20 then what is generated will not be over 20.

Now this can mean in a game where players own ships with 300+ tech levels there could be some massive debris floating around. The auto generated debris is only created when the maximum number of debris items hasn't been reached. Normally, after the game has been running for a few days, most debris will be coming from destroyed ships.

This brings us to the last change to the debris system. When a ship is destroyed then debris can be created from the ACTUAL items the ship is carrying. It is no longer just a random of the maximum amount. If a ship is destroyed and there are fighters, energy, etc left over from the battle then those items can turn into debris.

The Debris system is now 100% modular with all of the code inside each of the debris classes.

What this means is you may start seeing more different types of debris in the game. This includes all of the devices and commodities that can be bought in the game. You could run across a huge cache of desperately needed Mine Deflectors. :)

So, remember, the debris will start ramping up and get bigger as player ships get bigger in the game. This means debris can start to become very, very valuable later in the game. Especially for players just starting out. :D

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 10:42 pm 

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two questions:

first, can you get colos as a debris? would be nice to find a group of colos needing a new home ;)

second, well...I swear to god, I forgot what I was going to ask...when I think of it, I will update ;)

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