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possible create planet bug.
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Author:  Tarnus [ Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: possible create planet bug.

Sounds like much older code, say .14 or something like that. Shouldn't be able to work in ver .21 But please let me know what version it is, we don't wanna see anything like that effect .30.

digirave wrote:
I'm too lazy to test is out correctly, is why I'm saying possible.

But I have a reliable player on my server who tells me this, and I have confirmed sectors with over 8~10 planets.

There is players on my server who actually created perl scripts to login and "help" play the game. I noticed this user and otheres had more planets in sectors than allowed. I asked the users how he did this. They request the create planet really fast multiple times(use script or just click like crazy, slowing down the server), and I think a RACE condition happens due to poor database locking as the selects return the current number of planets in the sector before the updates creating the planets have finished. A simple solution would be to lock the table before the selects and unlock the table after the updates.

Anyways thanks for a great game.

I'm looking forward to the 0.3 source release.

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