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 Post subject: Exploits and Being Banned
PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2003 2:19 pm 
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We have posted this before and I am going to hammer it home again now.

If you find an exploit in the game and you use it to your advantage, even in this beta game, and you DO NOT immediately report it to one of the admins in a PM in this forum or in-game FEEDBACK then you will probably be BANNED from all games and quite possibly be BANNED from every game ever created. We might add your email and IP to the perma ban list in the next version of the game.

This applies to ALL of the games we are hosting.

A player either used an exploit or found a bug earlier today to cause their score to sky rocket. They didn't send an ingame feedback about how they did it. This feedback would send an Email directly to me. They didn't send a PM to either of the admins on this forum. They did absolutely NOTHING to report how they did it. They KNEW they did something they shouldn't have been able to do.

Unless this player gives a very good explanation and quickly, they may find themselves perma-banned from everything.

Let this be a warning to everyone.

If you are playing the game and you do something that gives you something you SHOULDN'T have (like buying something and you get more than what you bought, buying something and getting it for free, ect) and you FAIL to report it you may find yourself BANNED. It is very easy to report any problems. That is why there is a FEEDBACK button on the main screen. Use it.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2004 3:14 pm 
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I agree that players who exploit bugs should be banned from the game. There are a few that I believe were using the exploits and a couple of you using them doesnt surprise me at all but I am shocked that others would do the same. Every one of you should be thouroughly ashamed of yourself. When you use exploits like that you are doing nothing but cheating. Do you feel that your skills at the game are that poor that you have to cheat in order to get ahead? I feel that If ya have to cheat at a game there is no sense even playing.

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