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 Post subject: Beta game Alpha 3 reset
PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2004 6:33 pm 
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We have reset the Beta game and it is using a bunch of new code.

Sorry for the delay but we upgraded ADODB in the game to version 4.05 and there was a serious bug in their latest release that we had to track down. Basically any fields with decimal places(floats,decimal, ect) would cause the table to not be made. Took over an hour to track down the bug and fix it. Have fun with Beta Alpha 3.

Sector Genesis Devices nolonger have sector numbers over 500,000. They are mixed in with new sectors added by the expanding universe. So it is now harder to tell what is an SG sector what isn't.

Combat has been completely changed. Ship to Planet and Ship to Ship combat now work exactly the same way. The only difference is the planet has stronger shields and armor with the same tech levels. If your armor takes any damage your tech levels may take damage. If they do your tech levels will LOWER and you will have to find a spacedock to repair them. The number of tech levels and the amount of damage is dependent upon the percentage of armor lost. The more armor lost the more internal damage.

Spacedocks are used to repair damaged tech levels. If you have any damaged tech levels you CANNOT repair or upgrade those damaged tech levels at an Upgrade port. You will need to find a Spacedock to repair those damaged tech levels. The closest Federation Spacedock is in sector 4.

ECM(Electronic Counter Measures) tech level has been added to your ships tech levels. The ECM is used to confuse the enemy when they attack. If they are confused enough some of their beams, fighters and torps may completely miss your ship. To counter the ECM you need to have high sensors.

We expect that there may be errors in the new code as there have been a huge number of changes in the game code. So be sure to post any errors you find in THIS forum and not the Bug Report forum.

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